Elenco corsi a.a. 2023/2024
Anno accademico 2023/2024

Storia della Chiesa 3RA0805

Sede di Gerusalemme
Primo semestre


To help the students acquire a basic knowledge of the facts, events and personalities in Church History from 1453 to 1789.


1. Reformation and Confessionalism: 1453-1563. 2. Luther’s Reformation in Germany. 3. John Calvin and the Reformation in Switzerland. 4. The Reformation in England. 5. The Catholic Counter-Reformation: The Council of Trent. 6. The Post-Reformation period: 1563-1648. 7. The other Churches. 8. A new Europe from a divided and contested Christianity. The triumph of civil absolutism. 9. Growing revolt against spiritual authority. 10. Christian life in a mundane Church.


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Upon completion of the course, students are expected to identify and evaluate elements carried by popular memory and appreciate the positive and negative developments of different confessions; to assess the complex development regarding relations between Church and States; to examine the origins of long-term movements of ideas and practices, and still present in today’s world and the Church; to evaluate the advances and setbacks of evangelisation during these centuries.


Primo semestre
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