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Teologia della vita consacrataRA1012

Sede di Gerusalemme
Secondo semestre


To address the Reality of Consecrated Life from the several Theological Perspectives. To give to the students an overall view of the teaching of the Church on religious consecrated life: about its identity, contents, directives, and a contextualized approach to today’s challenges and implications for Religious Life


1. Old Testament and Consecrated life 1.1 Prophetic Call and Consecrated Life - Premise 1.2 God’s Calling and Consecrated People in the First and Second Testament 1.3 Consecrated Persons Prophetic Role 1. 4 Consecration and Covenant 2. New Testament and Consecrated life 2.1 Christological Premise on Vocation 2.2 Discipleship: Sharing in Christ's Consecration 2.3 Christological Dimension of Consecrated Life 3. Pneumatology: Sacramental foundation of Consecrated Life and Charisms 3.1 Baptism and Eucharistic Touchstone for Understanding Consecration 3.2 Theology of Charisms 4. The ecclesiastical Magisterium on the consecrated life. 4.1 Brief Historical excursus of the Consecrated Life as Ecclesiastical Reality 4.2 The process of Renewal and Transformation in Vatican II: Perfectae Caritatis 4.3 The Post-Conciliar Era and Renewal of Consecrated Life 5. Evangelical Counsels: Theological – Anthropological – Community Dimensions 1.1 Premises: Theology of the Vows 5.2 Consecrated chastity: the mystery of integrity for a radical availability to the Kingdom 5.3 Consecrated poverty: the mystery of kenosis in solidarity with the human and cosmic epiphany of God. 5.4 Consecrated obedience: the mystery of freedom in relation to a servant leadership 6. The Mystery of the One and Triune God and Religious Community 6.1 Theology of Community Life and Ecclesial Perspective 6.2 The Intra-Trinitarian Relationships: Model of Otherness in Communion for Consecrated life 6.3 Intercultural community: Challenges and Prophecy 7. The Mission of the consecrated life in dialogue with the World 7.1 Consecrated Life in Dialogue with Jewish- Muslim religious elements and Sanyasa (Religious Life) in Hindu and Buddhist Traditions 7.2 Socio-Cultural – Ecclesial elements of a contextualized Consecrated Life 7.3 The Challenges of the Pandemic Time and Mission of Consecrated Life. 8. Formative Foundations, Stages, and Process 8.1 Steps in Vocational Journey: Difficulties and Process of Integration of the Self 8.2 Initial and ongoing formation: crisis-renewal – reform and Guidelines in Formation Learning. 8.3 Contemporary Church Reflection on Challenges in Formation for Consecrated Life


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Upon completion of the course, students are expected to identify theological dimensions of consecrated life; to explain the Church teaching on the consecrated life; to discuss contemporary challenges of Consecrated Life pointing out future perspectives for its mission in the Churches and in dialogue with cultures and religions.


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